Re: [Histonet] Trouble in staining the cytoplasma using Masson's trichrome

From:Rene J Buesa

Probably your kit is old (expired) because it is very difficult NOT tostain with Biebrich Scarlet, it always work. Get a new kit or prepare your solutions yourself.
  René J.

Sydney Huang  wrote:
  Hi everyone,

I am a student in Taiwan and currently studying the effects of
nanoparticles on mice.
Paraffin embedded lung section of mouse is used for the stain.
I use the commercial Masson's trichrome kit (H15) from Sigma-Aldrich
for the stain and followed the manufacturer's instruction. But the
problem is that the cytoplasma showed little or no staining at all.
So I tried to extend the time of Biebrich Scarlet upt to 30min but it
showed no improvement.

Can someone give me a hint what might happened?
If the chemicals are just expired (may) will it affect the results?

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