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Hi Histonetters!

I think medically-legally, one has no defense if one is accused of loosing a
diagnostic GI or liver biopsy piece, if the numbers of pieces received and
processed (embedded, cut and stained) are not documented and I personally
would want to be secure in the knowledge that ALL of my biopsy pieces were
evaluated for cancer or some other disease. So there are two 'really good
reasons' to document every scrap of biopsy tissue received. Now a days,
diagnoses are made on tiny pieces of GI and prostate needle biopsy material
we would have considered debris in the 'good old days' eh?

If I sound like I'm flaming (sp?) I am not really, just serious about what a
pathology team is responsible for and should be about.



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Because that is the only objective way you have to determine if you
processed them all!
René J. wrote:  Could someone please give me a "really" good
reason to relay to a pathologists as to why it is beneficial to record the #
of bx's submitted?? ASAP! :)

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