[Histonet] Softening enrobed tissues`

From:Geoff Cook

  I am having problems sectioning samples of decalcified coral tissue (10% EDTA at neutral pH) that have been enrobed in 2% agarose.  It appears that the enrobing media may be dehydrated.  Consequently, the agarose seems to be "pulling away" from the paraffin in which the samples are embedded leaving visible holes and/or gaps.  In addition, the consistency of the agarose appears to be a bit more brittle than the paraffin.  Needless to say, sectioning these samples (5 um thickness) has been tricky. 
  Can anyone offer a suggestion as to how this problem might be overcome?  Is there a method/trick for softening the agarose while it is embedded in the parafin blocks?
  Many thanks in advance for your time.

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