[Histonet] Permanent Red stain

From:"Young Kwun"

Dear Histonetters,

One of my colleagues is having a problem with Dako's Permanent Liquid Red

She told me that she was getting a heavy background around the tissues.

She is using DKDH's Untra-V-Block goat serum for blocking and the detection
system is DKSH's ONE Alkaline Phosphatase Polymer.


I use Dako's Fast Red Substrate system with Dako's labeled Polymer, AP
(anti-mouse & anti-rabbit) without such problem. I was wondering what could
cause such problems. I understand that Liquid Red is basically the same as
the Fast Red. Is that true?

Thank you in advance for your suggestion.




Young Kwun

Senior Hospital Scientist

Dept. of Anatomical Pathology

Concord Hospital 

Concord NSW 2139 Australia






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