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From:"Terri Braud"

What an eye-opener!  

I come from a lab where a formalin substitute was used for almost 10 years, then had it discontinued; then found an alternate source, only to have it discontinued after 5 more years.
Forget trying to make it yourself because the ingredients were proprietary.
=0AThen, there was the need for all those pesky "alternative" NBF protocols for staining and IHC, especially the CAP surveys, which were always Neutral Buffered Formalin Fixed. 
Certainly there are good, safer substitutes available, but none have the history of formalin and none are approved as a fixative for any of the FDA approved IHC tests.
Best of Luck to the Histotechs who have used this product for years, optimized all of their procedures for it, only to be left hanging.

Terri Braud

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OK - just back from an extended leave.  I called STRECK Laboratories, and 
they did in fact confirm that they are no longer offering STF for sale.  I 
also would appreciate any suggestions from anyone who routinely uses a 
formalin substitute for IHC, particularly on mouse tissue.

Jackie O'Connor


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[Histonet] STF replacement

I just called to check on an order of STF that I had placed and was told 
that it has been discontinued with no replacement.  Just wondering if 
anyone else has found a replacement or knows of one.  We use it 
exclusively for postfixation.  Thanks!
=0AMichele F. Hannah  M.S.
Department of Molecular Microbiology & Immunology
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
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