RE: [Histonet] mammary gland embedding

I agree with Paul on this, I cannot see any reason to embed mammary tissue,
animal or human as cross-section.

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I can't think of any reason to view such a flat, essentially homogeneous
organ in cross section.  The glandular structure is random in organization,
not restricted to any particular plane .  IMHO, the only effect of using the
cross sectional view is that you will see far less of the tissue, and be far
more likely to miss any localized pathology - unless you do step sections
all the way through, and I see no point in that.

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> I work with a lot of rat mammary gland tissue and depending on the age,
> whole gland or most of it will usually lay flat and fit in the cassette.
> recently had it suggested that we might try doing cross sections instead.
> would I do that? Is there some reason looking at a cross section view
> be any different/better? The person who suggested it works with both human
> and animal tissue, so I thought it might be something more commonly done
> human tissue where you are just taking a piece rather than the whole
thing. I
> feel like this is one of those things I should know, but I just don't
> remember anything about embedding mammary tissue different ways. Thanks.
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