RE: [Histonet] Methylmethacrylate to LR White?

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Patsy is correct GMA can not be removed and it is part of the LR 
White formula.  Pam Marcum

At 11:18 AM 12/15/2006, wrote:
>Methyl methacrylate can be removed with xylene, but glycol methacrylate can
>not ever be completely removed, I believe LR White is a glycol methacrylate.
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>Hi all,
>I need to remove the methacrylate surrounding some bone samples (I was
>told that a 50:50 solution of xylene and chloroform would do the trick).
>The problem is that I want to re-embed the samples in LR White once the
>methacrylate has been removed. Does anyone have any experience in this
>or knows if it is possible? I need to cut 10 micron thick cross-sections
>of mouse tibiae and these have failed to adequately infiltrate with
>methacrylate. With LR White being less viscous I was hoping that it
>would infiltrate better.
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