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From:"Anne Van Binsbergen"

Im a fan of the Sakura embedding system - it's ergonomically designed
and VERY user friendly
Can be 'left handed' or 'right handed'
Cassettes left/right
Moulds left/right
Cold plate left/right
Forceps left/right
Nothing more annoying (being a lefty) to be forced to work like a

Everything works independently of everything else - ie - micro
adjustments can be made to temp in almost any area to your requirements
Nice broad anti burn protection to rest hands/fingers while embedding
And if you have a VIP5 the basket fits snugly into the holding area -
left or right as you prefer of course!!
Like I said - I am THE fan of Sakura
And I just KNOW that some of you are smiling out there - you know who
you are!!!

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Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2005 5:25 PM
Subject: [Histonet] Embedding Centers

My embedding center just died.  Last time our maintenance looked at it
they couldn't get the parts (its about 17 years old).  I need to get
information quick on which ones you like and are good.  So far I have
quotes from Surgipath and on the Leica but I don't know anything about
them.  Any comments please?
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