[Histonet] Q: Drop of Ammonia to Avoid Wrinkling

From:Lawrence D Lanberg/O/VCU

   A Happy Holiday Season to All!

   When  I  =  joined  the  listserv  a  week  ago,  I saw an interesting
   (archived)&n= bsp;tip on using ammonia to avoid wrinkling on semi-thin
   plastic = sections. With my P.I.s approval, I've purchased a bottle of
   10% ammonia wa= ter to try this. I don't know if anyone receiving this
   message  is  familiar  = with it, but I was hoping someone might be to
   able clarify my understanding= , beforehand:

   After  I release the sections onto&= nbsp;the tiny pool of water on my
   slide,  I  add  one  small drop of ammon= ia and then dry and stain as
   usual.  That's  the  way  I interpreted what I rea= d. Does this sound


   &nbs= p;

   ps.  I make 990 nm sections of murine retina, the eye is embedd= ed in
   Spurr's Formula and I use toluidene blue stain.

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