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From:"Judith LaDuc"

Hi Jill, 
You can find the info at if you look through the formaldehyde standard. I can't remember it off the top of my head... 1410 - ? 
There are many other safety organizations out there. I have a link below that is using some ASNI information that may be helpful to you.  A Google or other internet search will bring up tons of safety shower hits for you as well.  I do remember that they should be able to be operated with one hand and stay on after activation. It is also important to flush them (eye washes) weekly if they are attached to plumbing to avoid stagnant solutions. I heard at a recent seminar that you may need to arrange for tepid (warm) water as well, in your showers, so that you don't add the shock of cold water to victims. I haven't seen documentation yet to verify this, so take it for what it is worth. It may have been a regional/state recommendation. 
The link I promised is: 
Good luck! 
Judy LaDuc, HTL ASCP 
>>>Jill Cox  12/12/05 10:48 am >>> 
Hello Histonetters!! 
 Just wondering if anyone knows about regs for an emergency shower in a Pathology lab? I can't find anything in CAP checklist or OSHA on this. Is there somewhere else I can look? Who all has showers? Thanks in advance, Jill 
Jill Cox HT (ASCP) 
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