Re: [Histonet] Cutting speed and semi-thin plastic sectioning

From:Lawrence D Lanberg/O/VCU

   Thank  you  again. The sectioning I'm doing, right now, i= s for light
   microscopy.  Reason:  Examining  the  width  of  a nuclear layer (pho   toreceptor nucleii). Maybe that's just microtomy. Eventually I will be
   prog= ressing to EM-level sectioning.

   I think the uniq= ueness of it, as an art, is what appeals to me. Lord
   knows  I don't get paid= much! I am sticking with this out of choice -
   theoretically I could be doi= ng anything in any lab on campus. I will
   certainly let you know that my mak= ing knives on-the-spot and p.r.n.,
   as  you mentioned to do, provides a benef= it to my sections. Will try
   this tomorrow PM.

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