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From:"Monfils, Paul"

You recycle formalin?  I have heard of recycling solvents but how is
formalin recycled?  Is it simply filtered?  Seems like that would allow a
lot of dissolved contaminants to remain. Is it distilled?  Seems like that
would remove formaldehyde.  Also, how does one deal with the fact that
formaldehyde is removed from the solution whenever anything is fixed in it,
so that used 10% formalin is no longer 10%?  Do they add new formaldehyde?
Would appreciate some information on this.

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> Anyone with an idea to bring up the pH of 10% formalin to 7.0. Our
> recycler tests 5 gallon batches at 6.2 and the paths would like
> everything at 7.0. One source says add 1% sodium phosphate dibasic;
> others say use SP dibasic saturated solution. Another source says that
> using 1% sodium hydroxide is ok and won't alter fixation. Any consistent
> suggestions?
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