[Histonet] rat spinal cord longitudinal sections

From:Caroline Bass

Hi Guys,

I have a rat that was injected with a virus that produces a  
fluorescent protein.  I would like to scan the entire spinal cord for  
the signal and thought the best way to do this was to section the  
spinal cord along the long axis.  I don't know if I have the  
terminology right on this.  I think this should be longitudinal  
sections.  The histologists who is to section the tissue says that  
this is impractical.  I know that cross sections (coronal?) are more  
common, but which method is better when we are simply screening for a  
visible signal?  I am worried that I will have hundreds of cross  
sections to examine.

If there is a published example of this anywhere, even a picture on a  
website I would love to see it.  I have not been able to find  
anything that is helpful in deciding which route to go.

Thanks for you help,

Caroline Bass

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