[Histonet] Wanted - Consulting MD - Pathologist/Hematologist , Boston Area

From:"John Rynak"

   Consulting MD -  Pathologist/Hematologist

   LMS  has  developed  a  cell separation technology that captures fetal
   nucleated  red  cells  in maternal blood samples. These cells are then
   used  for  prenatal  genetic  screening, as an eventual alternative to

   We  need a consultant who can enumerate (count) these cells when fixed
   on  slides  and  comment  on  their  morphology. The cells will have a
   background of other nucleated cells (WBCs) and a some RBCs.

   We are generating slides faster than our staff can evaluate and have a
   backlog  of  ~75  sides and expect to have 10-15 additional slides per
   week  for  evaluation  by  the  consultant.  Each slide takes ~1 hr to

   Ideally,  the person could work at LMS so that we can learn from their
   expertise,  but  this  is  not essential after the initial slides have
   been  read  here.  We also will have digital images of the slides with
   the  coordinates  of the cells of interest in a software file (Bioview
   system).  This  feature allows the Bioview system to find them quickly
   for evaluation.

   If interested please forward your CV to [1]hr@livingmicrosystems.com


   1. mailto:hr@livingmicrosystems.com
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