[Histonet] RE: DAP vs Hoescht

From:"Pixley, Sarah \(pixleysk\)"

Dear Caroline:

We have found that both are very easy to use, but the problem with
Hoechst is that it CANNOT be used with an aqueous mounting medium. Both
can be purchased as the relatively cheap solutions  (i.e., DAPI:  Mol.
Probes D-1306; Hoechst 33258: Sigma catalog # B2883). Both can be
diluted in an aqueous buffer (PB or PBS) and then you incubate your
sections for 5 mins, then rinse and coverslip. But DAPI can be used with
any aqueous mounting medium, like Gelvatol or Fluoromount, etc., while
with Hoechst, you have to dehydrate, go to xylene or its equivalent and
mount with a standard mounting medium like Permount or Depex. 
Hope this helps.
Sarah Pixley

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