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I am looking for protocols for immunogold staining for transmission EM
purposes.  I would like a protocol for DNA and for histone.  We are
evaluating mouse sperm.  I have not been able to find an antibody in the US.

Setting aside the histone labeling issues for a moment, would the osmium 
ammine reaction be suitable for the DNA work?  It provides a quite intense, 
electron-dense reaction product for TEM, and it avoids all of the problems with 
trying to find an anti-DNA antibody, coupling the AB to some form of gold tracer, 

There have been a few studies that indicate the labeling of DNA with osmium 
ammine is preferable to using immunogold, and osmium ammine-B is readily 
available from Polysciences (Product is Osmium ammine-B, Cat. No. 48016-91-7).

Just a thought.


Bob Chiovetti
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