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My lab is getting collecting information on glass knife makers, in
anticipation of purchasing one.  Can anyone out there give some input on
particular brands, since this is totally out of my realm.  I am most
interested in ease of use, durability, etc.   I am having a really difficult
time trying to collect information on these items.  Thanks in advance....

Hi Deanna,

Glass knifemakers are available for the two most commonly used types of 
knives: triangular knives and ralph (long) knives.

The kind of knifemaker will depend on the application.  If you only want to 
do histology at the light level, you could use either a triangular knifemaker 
or a ralph knifemaker.  If your interest is in taking the specimens to the 
electron microscope you'll need to use a triangular knifemaker.  

You will see the differences when you visit the websites below.

The two biggest manufacturers of triangular glass knifemakers are Leica and 
RMC Products (now part of Boeckeler Instruments).  SPI Supplies also has an 
economical triangular knifemaker.  Ralph knifemakers are available from a few 
specialty suppliers.

Take a look at the following websites.  You'll find contact info on the sites.

For Ralph knifemakers: Ted Pella

For Ralph and triangular knifemakers: EBS

For triangular knifemakers: Leica, RMC and SPI (This is the Leica'll need to 
navigate as follows: Products -> Biological Specimens -> Room Temperature 
Techniques -> Leica EM KMR2)

There are a few other suppliers, but this should get you started.

Good luck!

Bob Chiovetti
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