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Divide the length of your roll of coverslipping film by the length of the piece that the coverslipper cuts for each slide.  I do all my work with glass slips so I'm ignorant here, but I would guess that coverslipping machines allow you to adjust the length of the tape used.  If not, measure the length of the slip on one slide and divide the length of the roll by that.

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Six sevenths of 1500, which is um........ 

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I have been told that the KP Tape from Mercedes Medical which is 70 meters 
long will cover about 1500 slides.  The other tape on the market is 60 
meters so i am not sure how many that covers

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>Good Morning,
>Does anyone know how many slides a roll of coverslipping film will cover. I

>have to do a cost analysis for the lab.
>Happy Holiday
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