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Joe I agree 100%!
Ruth Yaskovich
National Institutes of Health

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> Jim,
> I always refer to what my 8th grade shop teacher told us. It is always
> easier to shave off a little more wood, than it is trying to glue it back
> on. I have taken this advice to the histo lab.
> 	Once, when I was a rookie many moons ago, I had to fish through
> paraffin
> shavings to locate a renal biopsy that I cut away. Since that time, I
> always
> cut on the conservative side and explain to the pathologists that it
> always
> easier to go back into the block than fish through paraffin shavings. I do
> get static sometimes, but after they cool down, they realize it was a good
> descion.
> As always, the opinions of the author do not reflect the opinions of his
> employers and their lawyers.
> Joe Nocito, BS, HT(ASCP) QIHC
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> Pathology Reference Lab
> San Antonio, TX
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> I am a tech with 25+ years of experience and have been bitten by about
> every
> snake in the garden of eden (Histology), and I guess that is one of the
> main
> reasons I will error on the side of caution at every turn. I really try to
> be as conservative as possible with tissue when trimming into a needle
> biopsy, as soon as I have a full face on properly enbedded needles(usually
> not more than 20 microns or less I start taking slides). The sections are
> 3microns and may produce as many as 5 to 10 sections suitable for
> mounting.
> This acounts for max 30 more micrones into the block.  It is at this point
> I
> would like to preserve the remainder of the tissue until it is reviewed by
> a
> pathologist. I refer to my madness as scouting (a procedure if used by
> General Custer would have saved alot of lives), but as we all know  there
> are some patologist that will declare we did not trim enough if what they
> are looking for is 100 micrones into the block.
>    While I have been reseaching a procedure that will keep everyone happy
> I
> ran across an article that state there was a study done to determine if
> histologists were trimming away microcalcifications in needle biopsies,
> and
> according to the high lights of the article (one they wanted me to
> purchase
> to add insult to injury) it was determined that after x-raying the
> histology
> shavings from trimmed breast biopsies the culprit once again was the
> histologist.  Go figure.
>   At the present time I am on a public computer and some one needs to use
> it, but before I leave please foward any ideas you may have on this
> subject
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