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   If the health and safety people had their way, oxygen dihydride would be
classified as hazardous.  Methyl salicylate, a.k.a. oil of wintergreen, is
used to flavor some mint candies.  In quantity, it is toxic, but the oral LD
50 for humans is around 1 ounce (30 ml).  Tabasco sauce is equally toxic.
   Spilled on the skin, methyl salicylate create a mild irritation and
warming of the skin (erythema) that some people find pleasant. Swimmers used
to rub themselves down with methyl salicylate as part of the warm-up for

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We have some specimens that have been clearing in Methyl salicylate.  We
would like to transfer them to storage in glycerin.  Are there anti-fungal
additives that are needed for that purpose?

The methyl salicylate is considered a hazard by our environmental health and
safety people.  Are there tricks to cleaning up things that have been used
in it.  Or a way to make it safer to handle?

Thanks and Happy 2005!

U. of Washington

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