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From:"Vicki Gauch"

We explain to the patient that we are required to keep the blocks but
that we would be happy to send whatever slides the insititution needed
to do their studies or review. We will make recut slides, unstained
slides,etc. to accomodate the needs of the institution receiving the
slides.  It would be a VERY rare case that an original paraffin block
would be sent out.


>>> "Flores, Teresa"  12/28/2004 12:47:43 PM >>>
Vicki, what about if a patient request that his/her blocks be sent to
another institution as well. 

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 I can only tell you that we do not release our paraffin blocks
 We offer unstained slides or 25 micron sections in a test tube,etc.-
anything we can reasonably do to help them out but the blocks remain
our custody.  We started this several years ago because we had issues
with blocks not being returned upon completion of studies or being
in shipping to us.  There have been very few times when we have not
able to fill a request for the requesting institutions using our

Vicki Gauch
Albany Medical Center
Albany, NY 

>>> "Malek, Jack M"  12/27/2004 6:03:27 PM >>>
Hi Everyone,

Recently learned that some pathology labs send out slide sections in
place of blocks for reference studies. They withhold the blocks for
obvious reasons such as; to prevent losing tissue in transport, to
determine which studies to exhaust the block for, preventing laser
destruction of the block associated with certain molecular studies.  

Is this becoming the standard in practice?  

Happy Holidays,
GHC -Seattle
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