[Histonet] suggestions on bone cross section?

From:Xuesong Chen

Good morning,

We are beginning a whole new approach in our lab. Basically cross 
sectioning undecalcified older tibias (15-19 weeks old) with cryojane 
type transfer system followed by lacZ staining to detect transgene 

The tibia will be cut in the middle and proximal half close to knee 
joint will be used for OCT embedding. Could anybody advise how to handle 
the balance of the tibia vertical embedding as well as how the 
orientation can be precisely controlled? Also, we want to know what kind 
of blade is recommend for the procedure. We are wondering if anyone has 
any experience on bone cross sectioning and would like to offer some 
advise. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for you time and attention.

Happy Holidays!!!

Xuesong Chen
Internal Medicine Department
Yale University School of Medicine
New Haven CT 06511
Tel: 203-785-2949

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