[Histonet] sending sections for immunostaining

From:Daniela Kaufer


I should receive some rat brain sections on slides from Germany, that i 
will then stain (IHC) here. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions 
as to what will be the best way to do that.
We tried sending it mounted, and i opened the mounting (DEpEX) and 
re-hydrated them, and stained, but my staining didnt work (i know it 
works on fresh slides).
We were next thinking of sending it in slide mailers , in PBS, but we 
are not sure if they stick to the slide if we keep them in solution.  
We can also mount them with the mounting stuff that stays liquid (I 
thihk it's just glycerol).
I would really appreciate any advice about shipping slides.
many thanks, Daniela.

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