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The hospital in which I work uses manual processes for all of our cutting and 
special staining needs.  The only automation we use is the H&E.  I would 
think this is the preferred way to learn hands on and was quite proud to learn 
this way.  I was assured that after passing the written portion of the exam, 
(which I did on my first attempt) that the practical should be no problem at all.  
I have submitted my practical twice; this time I am eligible to submit my 
slides for a reevaluation along with more money.  Before each submission my 
slides were reviewed by at least two of our pathologists.  If 800 is the optimal 
score I do not think it is reasonable to assume that my hospitals lab puts out 
or accepts anything below a 300.  I would truly appreciate any and all help or 
insights as I try and appeal my scores by Jan. 10th 2005. 

Am I at a disadvantage without automation?  How should I select slides to be 
reevaluated?  Is it possible to get a worse score?  Am I wasting my time?  Is 
the evaluation process anonymous, do they know your background?  

This is truly a very frustrating situation with a BS in Biology and three 
years histology experience. I have invested a lot of time, energy and money into 
getting where I am now and this arbitrary process is preventing me from going 
any further.

Thank you for any and all help,
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