[Histonet] Re: Ventana Benchmark

From:"Tony Green"

Our lab also considered acquiring a Ventana Benchmark (new model) so that we 
could also do routine IHC's and HPV testing on thin preps and found that it 
wasn't to difficult.  However, I was warned that with the new unit the ER/PR 
was a little tricky and if you are going to do HER2/neu also check the FDA 
regulations.  There was something about DAKO being the only current FDA 
approved company if your including the results on a patient's report to be 
used as a prognostic indicator.  Please understand, this is what I was told 
when I asked around just like you are doing.  I didn't research it because 
we found that in our situation, it was better that we maintained with DAKO 
for financial and personnel reasons.  I do believe that DAKO has a detection 
system for HPV ISH.  I'm not sure what it all entails though.

Hope this helps.

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