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Thanks everyone so much for all your words of wisdom and quick responses.  I 
am glad to know that there is such a community out there willing to offer 
their thoughts and support (and over the holidays no less).   

I was taking your comments and comparing the results of my two exams. In the 
areas of presentation, organization and fixation.  I did not have any 
problems.  I am very much a detailed oriented person.  All of my points were deducted 
from microtomy and special stains.  When I retook the practical I was sure to 
note the comments from the first practical.  I made sure to be as precise as 
before as well as taking their comments and improving on what I had submitted 
prior, I was very flexible.  The results of the second practical were better 
and I had fixed my previous errors.  This time categories in which I had no 
problem before had points deducted.  I guess I'll have to come up with the right 
combination, or I'll have to find out where I can get it. (Gareth, you'll be 
the first to know)

I'm curious if there are actual standard controls which our practical slides 
are measured up against, or is it an arbitrary process of the evaluator to 
determine the adequacy of the slides.  I think there needs to be more 
transparency in the evaluation process.

Thanks again for all your thoughts,
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