[Histonet] Presents for a Histo Holiday

From:Mark Ray

Season's Greetings All,

Still trying to find something to give your Histo friends?   Books are 
always good-they last and they don't need batteries.  A couple of fine 
choices might be John Kiernan's _Histological and Histochemical 
Techniques: Theory and Practice_, ISBN 0750649364, and Kiernan and 
Richard Horobin's _Conn's Biological Stains_, ISBN 1859960995.  We all 
know these guys and they know their stuff.  Should be no problems about 
supply-the dealers have, or can easily get, all you want.  _Histological 
and_   _Histochemical Techniques_ has been much lauded for its 
explication of the chemistry of routine methods and it's practical too, 
plenty of methodology.  Any one familiar with the older editions of 
_Conn's_ will be greatly impressed by this one.  It's organized! You can 
find things in it.

I suggest ordering by ISBN to avoid confusion about which edition you 
want.  You don't even need to tell the dealer or search engine the 
title, just the ISBN.  Anyway, catch up on your reading and Happy Holidays.

Mark Ray

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