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From:Gareth Davis

Okay, I'm sure Joan sent in her best work, into both exams, as well as I did.  I would not be complaining if I sent in mediocre work.  I spent months getting properly fixed tissue and hours cutting sections.  I did my GMS, AFB. PAS. Reticulin and H&E stains (only H&E done on an auto stainer)  more times then I'd like to think about.  I had co-workers (certified and uncertified), pathologist and supervisors review my slides before I sent them in.  I am also very critical of my own work, I have had micrographs of my work published in research journals.  My co-workers, who sent in their practicals at the same time, also repeated and reviewed their work.  
After speaking to many people, some from NSH - who actually do the grading, I think the testing process is selective. There should be a uniform format.  There were seven of us using the same tissue, processors and staining techniques, yet the grades were anywhere from 700 to 393.
I just want people to realize, just because we didn't pass our practical it doesn't mean we are laid-back and don't care about our work. 
Okay, I'm done.
Gareth Davis
Histo tech
Nashville, Tn

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