[Histonet] Argyrophil stains.


Ole, somewhere overseas I suspect, asks about the Sevier Munger stain.
The reference is: Sevier, A.C., Munger, B.L., A silver method for paraffin sections of neural tissue. J. Neuropath Exp Neurol. 24: 130 - 135 1965
However, in the USA (and is it not interesting how labs use procedures written by their own countrymen?)many labs use the Churukian method which demonstrates a wider variety of argyrophil tumors. Churukian, J.,Schenk, E.A. A modification of Pascual's argyrophil method. J. Histotechnol 3: 102 - 102 1979.
I read somewhere, long ago, that there is no one method which will demonstrate ALL argyophil tumors, but the Chrukian method demonstrates the widest variety.

Mike Titford
USA Pathology
Mobile AL USA

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