Re: [Histonet] storage of cryosections

From:John Kiernan

Freezing artefacts (ice crystal holes) form while
the tissue is being frozen, not during storage of
sections. Once the holes are there, because of
too-slow freezing, nothing can get rid of them.

Drierite (or a similar desiccant) ensures that
the stored sections are in a dry atmosphere.
You should let the box warm to room temperature
before you open it; otherwise water from the air
will condense on the cold sections. If they are of
unfixed tissue this will cause some damage, which may
or may not matter depending on what you intend to
do with the slides.

John Kiernan
London, Canada.
Birthe Schnegelsberg wrote:
> HI.
> Do I actually have to add Drierite absorbent into the boxes with the cryo
> sections in the -20C freezer to avoid freezing artefacts?
> Thanks, birthe
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