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From:Kemlo Rogerson

Air conditioning? A dehumidifier? 

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I have the same problem during winter time - and in summer time it is the
opposite: it is "common accepted" that in July/August there is hardly any
staining possible, because the huminidy goes immediately to the alcohol and
then the xylene is milky and mounting not proper. When I have been working
in Germany for 10 years I never has this effect, but since I work in Finland
I am fighting with it every summer. So, if anyone has a solution to the
humidity problem, please share it with me:)


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Subject: [Histonet] static electricity

Hey all,

I'm new at Histology and am having a problem with static electricity.
During the winter, everything tends to stick to me.  I've heard that a
humidifier works pretty well but our laboratory is pretty large.  Will a
humidifier work in such a large space?  Does anyone have any hints on how to
deal with the wonders of static electricity?  Any information would be
extremely helpful!



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