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Hello Everyone, in the next few weeks, we plan to use very small amounts 
of (dioxane)
to coat coverslip - 10ml -20ml at one time - 2-4 times /month.

In previous experiments, the PI has tried other chemical substitutes - 
without success.
Without the use of dioxane, a protein called conA that attaches cells to 
the glass will not
bond properly with the coverslips and instead will wash away during 

This question is for anyone (past or current) using dioxane, please 
advise, on the following

I understand in order to prevent peroxidizable compounds in the dioxane, it
is necessary to store the liquid material - inerting the atmosphere in 
storage containers
with nitrogen to inhibit peroxide formation.

 >When using dioxane, is there another alternative to storing in 
nitrogen or argon
For example,  adding an inert high boiling substance like mineral oil to 
prevent the
peroxide from concentrating to a dangerous level? Has anyone tried this?

 >What type of containers (metal or plastic) should be used for 
cryogenic process?

 >What type of container should be used in disposal of dioxane? 

 > Can I assume that -20C is a good temperature for storage?

 > How long should I keep working dioxane? I read 3-12 months.

 > How long should I keep waste dioxane waiting for disposal pick-up?

 > Disposal of peroxides - should I dilute with water - what 
concentration of H20?

 > How can I detect & determine peroxides? I notice in the Laboratory 
Safety that they
   sell peroxide check paper strips. Does anyone know if these strips 
are reliable and

 > How often should we have the fume hood where dioxane will be 
   Every six months? Once a year (currently doing)?

Nitrile (heavy weight - 8mil-12 mil) and butyl gloves will be used.

I believe that's it for now - please let me know if I have forgotten 
anything else! Any
help or information (resources, references, companies etc) anyone can 
provide will be
greatly appreciate.


Maria Mejia
Smith-Kettlewell Eye Res. Inst.
San Francisco, CA 94115

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