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Hello Renee,

this sounds good, I WILL try it:)
Thanks a lot, "kiitos" as we say in finnish:)

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There have been several good responses regarding static.  Try them.  Use
what works best in your lab.

Humidity is a big problem in the southern United States.   Air conditioning
systems and de-humidifiers can't handle the load in old drafty buildings. We
have solved this problem by adding silica gel crystals to our last absolute
alcohol and first xylene in the dehydrating and clearing stations. This step
has been successfully used here for many years.  It  also extends the life
of the reagents 2x. We order it from:  Sigma Aldrich Company, Catalog #:
21,444.2  Silica Gel 2.5 Kg. A word of caution: Do dispense and discard
carefully as it is a carcinogen.

Good luck.

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I have the same problem during winter time - and in summer time it is the
opposite: it is "common accepted" that in July/August there is hardly any
staining possible, because the huminidy goes immediately to the alcohol and
then the xylene is milky and mounting not proper. When I have been working
in Germany for 10 years I never has this effect, but since I work in Finland
I am fighting with it every summer. So, if anyone has a solution to the
humidity problem, please share it with me:)


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