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Many of the early stains used in histology came from the textile industry to
dye the fabrics different colors. They developed the aniline dyes to get
brighter color. Many stains are naturally occurring ie: hematoxylin came
from the logwood tree, but is now synthesized. 
I prefer to make my own stains because I know when they were made and have
not been sitting on a manufaturers shelf until I purchase it. My Schiff's
will last 2 years. 
Are you wanting to make the chemicals used in the stains or are you wanting
to make the stains from scratch?
Find a copy of Lillie's Histopathologic Technic and Practical Histochemistry
for the chemical reaction theory behind the stains used to demonstrate the
different tissue elements. But if you can't, any histology technique book
will contain the procedures for the stains, such as Sheehan/Hrapchak's
Theory and Practice of Histotechnology.

Paula Pierce, HTL(ASCP)HT

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