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From:"Monson, Frederick "

IF 'mne' were the mnemonic for "mnemonic", then
	it would also show up as the mnemonic for:
		Mom's Network Exchange
		Micro- and Nano-Engineering
		Ministério dos Negócios Estrangeiros
		(La) Maison de la Nature et de l'Environnement
		Museo Nacional de Escultura
		MultiNational Enterprises (mne's)
		Medical Nutrition Education
		Mac Newbold Enterprises
		Mechanical Nuclear Engineering
		"Mining Engineering Minor (MNE)"  - so popular!!!  Even when it should be:  MEM!!
		MultiNational Experiment
		Sil Code for:  "NABA: a language of Chad"
		etc. as in the 3-letter words = 972: which leaves 16,604 unique three-letter combinations for more 3-letter abbreviations.  Since mnemonics here on planet Earth are into redundancy we can surmise that since there is no logic involved there should be only one return for the 3-letter mnemonic, "aaa".  One gets an entire page of "AAA" before one gets to another that signifies, of all things, the Amateur Astronomers Association.  
	It is clear that for ANY 3-letter mnemonic (and the length of a mnemonic is NOT restricted in law or practice), there is an infinite number of potential uses, we are in for an increasingly difficult mental test.  When things get less than logical the term "code" is substituted for"mnemonic" Thus, I have added an example from a DOD DOC:
Type	Program	Full name
1	TBCOMCMD	Command Designator
1	TBCOMID	Command Identification Code
1	TBCOMPAC	Command Performing Activity Code
1	TBCOMRIC	Command Routing Identifier Code
1	TBDPTPAC	Depot Performing Activity Code
1	TBDPTRIC	Depot Routing Identifier Code
2	TFAPACE	Army Procurement Appropriations Computerized Entry
2	TFORSCOM	Deficiency Reporting System Command Address
2	TGINFFX	Inflation Factor Table
1	TGSHIPQT	Quantity Per Unit Package Code
1	THPALTST	Procurement Administrative Leadtime Standards Table
1	THREJCD	Reject Codes
3	TICLIFTM	Controlled Item Logic Table
3	TIFRTSEC	FRET Security Table
1	TJAFSICC	Valid Air Force Service Item Control Center Activity Code by FSC Table
1	TJCMDACT	Validate DOD Activity Code
1	TJFSCAC	Category A and C FSC's Table
1	TJFSCARC	Table 122 Army AAC
1	TJFSCSCM	Federal Supply Class/Supply Category of Material/Essentiality Code Correlation Table
3	TJFSNKEY	FSN Keyed Inquiry Routing
1	TJFSCTBL	Federal Stock Class Table
1	TJICPTBL	Inventory Control Point Routing Identifier Code Table
1	TJIMPTBL	Inventory Manager Process Code Table
3	TJMINIRT	NSNMDR Mini-Inquiry Routing
1	TJMOERUL	Valid MOE Rules for Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, and Coast Guard   
This group demonstrates how incomprehensible it can become when one begins with the letter "T", follow it with "F", "G", "H", "I" or "J" and then 5 or 6 others.  The above coded mnemonics are obviously related to the 'expanded names", but with little examination one can conclude that these are only aliases of mnemonics.  Their number is so large that it is impossible to remember any, so in their constructs they do not make any serious attempt to suggest their meaning. This is the extreme example of, "I don't care a whit!" in the world of mnemonic design, or the prevailing attitude late on a Friday afternoon in the lexicographer's lab.

Remember, once one begins with mnemonics, one will next need a list!


Fred Monson

Frederick C. Monson, PhD
Light, Electron, X-Ray and Scanning Probe Imaging and Analysis Center (LEXSPIAC)
Large Scientific Instrument Core
West Chester University
S. Church St. and W. Rosedale Ave.
West Chester, PA, 19320

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> (A mnemonic for the spelling of mnemonic would be useful too).

It's mnemonic because it's to help with the mnemory.

(Sometimes you hear it pronounced "pneumonic"; people who do that need a mnemonic to remember that there isn't a u in mnemonic.)
John A. Kiernan
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