RE: [Histonet] IHC ~ Tissue Falling Off Slides

From:"Christine Tambasco"

   I  use  poly-l-lysine slides for immunos (i make them myself) . Also i
   use  fisher's  probe  slides  and  the  citra  retreival  i  do in the
   microwave.  I  put  the  slides in a plastic slide mailer with citra -
   microwave on high for 45sec - 1min then I add more citra and microwave
   3 minutes at 50% power. It works for me. Good Luck!

   Christine Tambasco, HT (ASCP)

   St. Mary's Hospital , Amsterdam, New York ph-5188417287

   >From: "Jones, Laura" 
   >To: "Histonet (E-mail)" 
   >Subject: [Histonet] IHC ~ Tissue Falling Off Slides
   >Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 11:03:38 -0500
   >Hello fellow Histonetters.
   >We  have  suddenly  started  to have problems with tissue falling off
   >during  IHC  processing.  We  suspect  the problem may be our slides,
   >we  have  been  using the same ones from Mercedes Medical for a while
   and they
   >have  worked  beautifully!  We  have  contacted  them,  and  they are
   >and  very  kindly  replacing  our  stock,  but  in  the meantime, our
   >has  asked  me  to  ask  all  of  you  where else we can find 25 X 75
   >slides.  We  use  the  Zymed ST-5050 automated stainer, and the 1 X 3
   >are sometimes a bit to big to fit on the carousel.
   >Just  for additional info, we seem to be experiencing problems mostly
   >the  more  alkaline  retreival  solutions - AR-10 (Biogenex) and EDTA
   >and  Trilogy  (Cell  Marque).  We use the Black & Decker steamer, and
   >adjusted  our  times  in retrieval from 75 minutes (!) to 20 minutes,
   >Pathologist  direction.  We  have also tried 20 minutes heating, then
   >the slides for 20 minutes of boiling, then allowing them to stand for
   >Thanks in advance for all of your knowledge!
   >The Histochicks at Sharon Regional
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