RE: [Histonet] H and E staining

From:"María Teresa Domínguez"

   Is your Eosin Alcoholic? that is the question...

      I  usually  dip  the  slides  in  95%  alcohol before Eosin,if it's

    After    the    eosin,95%alcohol(2    washes)    absulute   alcohol(2
   washes),Xilene(2 washes), mount media as ususal.

   HT. Maria T Dominguez

   Patology Serv.

   H.R.R.G. Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego

   >From:    "Weems,    Joyce"       >To:   "Ian   Ward"
   >Subject:  RE:  [Histonet]  H  and  E  staining >Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004
   04:57:50  -0500  > >I would wash after the lithium carbonate. >Is your
   eosin  alcoholic?  I  would make it in 70% alcohol. Then dip slides in
   80%  alcohol  between the lithium and eosin. Then go directly into 95%
   alcohol, absolute, xylene as usual. >Joyce >
   >________________________________ > >From: on behalf of Ian Ward >Sent:
   Tue 12/7/2004 4:24 AM >To: >Subject:
   [Histonet]  H and E staining > > > >Hi all > >I could use some advice,
   I  have been trying to H and E stain some mouse sections of the lungs,
   brain,  spleen,  liver,  kidney,  pancreas  and heart. i have used the
   following  method:-  >Xlylene  5minutes  >Xlylene  5minutes  >100% IMS
   5minutes  >100%  IMS 5minutes >90% IMS 5minutes >70% IMS 5minutes >50%
   IMS  5minutes  >running  tap  water  5minutes  >Filtered  Haematoxylin
   5minutes  >Quick  wash  in  running  tap  water  >Dip 20 times in Acid
   Alcohol  >Quick  wash  in  running  tap  water >Few seconds in Lithium
   Carbonate  >1%  Eosin 5minutes >Quick rince in running tap water >Take
   quickly  though  alcohols to xylene again >Mount > >My problem is that
   for  some  reason very little of the Eosin can be seen on the sections
   when  I  come  to view them. Any ideas? > >Cheers > >Ian > > >Ian Ward
   >Senior  Technician >E Floor >The Medical School >QMC >Nottingham >NG7
   2UH  >Tel:  0115  9249924 Ext 36179 > > >This message has been scanned
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