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From:Kemlo Rogerson

If we received an unnamed slide we would send it back to the Source. We
need, usually, three items, Surname, Forename and DOB. Other info like date
of smear, etc may also be added but that's a lot of writing. I remember
having slides from two ladies with the same name, living in the same house
but only with dissimilar DOB's; they were daughter and mother. 

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At 4:27 PM +0000 12/7/04, Kemlo Rogerson wrote:
>We always, in the UK, I think put both on; it's part of our IQC. I suppose
>the choice is to be sued for mixing up the slides or be sued for releasing
>Patient's names; which is cheaper?

My philosophy is always to ask what is best for the patient from a 
pathology point of view - regardless of rules and regulations. I even 
make a statement on pap smear reports (conventional) that a patient's 
name is not on the slide (which is required by our state regulations).


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