[Histonet] mouse endothelial cell staining

From:"PALMER Jason (SVHM)"


	We use a rat anti mouse CD31 from BD Biosciences that works nicely at 1:50 - 1:100 with 8 minutes proteinase K digestion.
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	Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 15:49:37 +0100 
	From: wasielewski.reinhard.von@mh-hannover.de 
	Subject: [Histonet] CD34 and CD31 in paraffin mouse tissue 
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	Hello Histonetters, 
	we are looking to immunostain endothelial cells (vessels) in FFPE mouse tissue. 
	There is no cross-reactivity to the human epitopes, therefore the antibodies for 
	human tissue don't work (we have tried it). Is there anyone out there who can help us 
	? (Clones, suppliers, ...) 
	Answers wanted :-) 

	Best wishes for the rest of this year 

	Reinhard von Wasielewski 

	PD Dr. med. Reinhard von Wasielewski 

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