[Histonet] Ventana vs Dako[Scanned]

From:"Kemlo Rogerson"

I'm sorry to labour this thread, especially as I have received so much good
advice, but it only served to generate further questions. If I were to merge
two relatively large Immuno Labs to give a total number of slides of about
12,000 per annum would the cost per test go down with either system, remain
the same or go up. Which one, Ventana or Dako, would provide the 'economies
of scale'? Which platform performs best in NEQAS and can new procedures be
implemented quickly on either platform. I mean if a new antibody were
developed could it be made available quickly on either system? Which company
is more inventive/ innovative with its products? What about support? Anyone
want to buy a second hand Dako or Ventana? Which one would you prefer and
why? Unfortunately if you are too persuasive with your argument only the one
you don't want becomes available. Why do Immuno Lab Staff still cook their
lunch in a pressure cooker? Especially as they also seem to have a microwave
too, is that for the pies?

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