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I believe Erie Scientific is doing some of this from what my Erie rep tells 
me.  Erie website has 800 number for tech services. They have some new 
things for Microarray work.  Also try Grace Bio-Labs, they have a website, 
and you can call them for detailed discussion.

Be prepared for some pricey items.

At 07:28 AM 12/14/2004, you wrote:
>Good Morning,
>I have had several request for slides coated with different silanes or
>charges for people doing cell culture, plastics and some special histology
>stains.  They are looking for negatively charged slides or special coatings.
>Do any of you on HistoNet know anything about these slides like where I can
>tell them to go or what type of coatings are available?
>I am sorry to ask this however, I don't know where else to go and as
>histologist I am more familiar with the traditional coatings and subbing
>Thanks for the help or direction!
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