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From:"Lee & Peggy Wenk"

We switched from a tab over to the next field computer program written
specifically for our lab by the hospital IS to Tamtron/Windows/mouse. So at
least our people knew computers, but not Windows.

The hardest adjustment for many of our people was learning to use the mouse,
believe it or not. This was major frustration for many people.

It takes a lot of eye-hand coordination.
- How far do I move the mouse to the right to get the cursor to move to the
- What do I do when I get to the right edge of the mouse pad, but the cursor
is only in the center of the screen?
- Moving the hand but watching the cursor, not the hand.
- Right click or left click
- One click or two clicks
- Rhythm of the clicks
- Clicking without moving the mouse, which causes the cursor to move, making
you open up something you don't want.

It seems basic, but if you don't know how to use a mouse, you can't use
Windows at all.

One suggestion that worked for some people -

Leave the games on the computer for a while, and let people play Solitaire
before you go live with Tamtron.

They learn how to open and close files, use the mouse, click, drag, eye-hand
coordination of the mouse/cursor, etc. (Learning can be fun scenario.)

Go live at a time when most people are at work, not over holiday weeks
(Christmas, Easter, 4th of July week, etc.), and not over heavy vacation

The learning curve will slow everyone down. Work will fall behind. You will
need everyone there, just to get the work done. And you don't want to have
to retrain lots of people the next week, because they were off for the
Memorial week.

Make certain all supervisors know this Tamtron inside and out, and
definitely know Windows/mouse. Have them take classes on Windows, if needed.

During go live - no supervisors are allowed to take a vacation. They will be
needed to put out fires and calm people down and help people remember what
they saw during training. Supervisors will NOT get any usual work done
during that first week or two. So they should not plan on writing policies,
attending meetings, or doing bench work.

This is hard to arrange, as the "go live" day will change, several times,
before being implemented. Trust me on this. (Not just Tramtron, but any
major change to computers, telephone systems, etc.) Every change is delayed
by weeks to months.)

The week you go live - have lunch catered into the department every day. No
one will have time to go to the cafeteria, and everyone will need a
break/morale booster/something to look forward to. Make it pizza one day,
subs another, broasted chicken and potatoes another, Chinese another,
spaghetti, spare ribs, whatever is around your area. Make sure you have
salads every day for dieters and vegetarians. And desserts - lots of
chocolate chip cookies. Definitely a help with stress.

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)SLS
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073

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From: "Jesus Ellin" 
Sent: Sunday, January 04, 2004 7:52 PM
Subject: [Histonet] Tamtron (HELP!!!)

Hello there everyone thought that I would write to those that help me out
with Tamtron and got me started but I am in a bit of a hole here,, our go
live date has been pushed back and I am in need of some futher assistance,,
We currently have the latest version of Tamron that is available ,, but we
are having some difficulties with implementing the system,, our dilema is
that we are going from a manual system that has been in place for over 50
yrs and going completely computerized and paperless,, also out of our 4
pathologist only 1 of them can turn on a computer,, I guess what I am
getting at is, was anyone faced with the same dilema and if so what type of
advice can you offer,,,???  I have had some really good starting points with
paperwork and getting organized,, but what red flags should I be looking at
before we lock down our system ,, and can anyone tell me what I should look
out for or do to try and stream line the procces for the rest of the staff
aka( Pathologist, Histo-Techs and Sect.)  if you can please email me at : all your help is appreciated

Jesus Ellin
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