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With the strength of Alum in solution then the Haem may well crystalise a little each day, the eosin in alcoholic solution will dry around the edges, the crystals in haem are the ones that I was warned of when I was a lad. After five days the crud should be noticeable.
Now there was a time when folk got tired of it all and reformulated the Haematoxylin, producing Gill's I think it was  rather than Harris'.  There was redundant/superfluous Alum, then there was not.
So the answer depends upon what you are using.
I was also taught that it was worth the bother to avoid bits of sections making a soup out of the solution and cross contaminating.
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Dave Edmondson
Christie,  Manchester UK

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>I always filter my H & E before each use. I've noticed that this is not a common practice anymore. 
>Does it matter if the H & E is filtered daily before each use?
>Thanks for your reply.
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