Re: [Histonet] Creating an HT from a BS

From:Gareth Davis

I have a BS and 10 years experience, so I wrote the ASCP and found out that I am eligible to get my certification - without taking any HT courses.  You do have to have a specific amount of Biology courses and I think at least 1 year experience in HT within the last 5 years to be eligible.  Check out the ASCP website at to get the information you need.

"Dawson, Glen"  wrote:

I know we've talked about this topic many times but I have a specific case I
would appreciate some help with. There is a lab helper who has been
performing various types of labwork for years and has been working in
histology now for a couple of months. She has a BS in biology and I would
like to help her become a registered histotech. My hope is that, with so
much previous lab experience as well as the bachelor's degree under her
belt, she can sneak in under the bench-trained tech category before the 2005
deadline. Taking an accredited HT program is not a possibility for her as
she would need to relocate to a place that offers a program which she could
not currently afford anyway. Could anyone give me an idea about the
feasibility of this idea?

Thank-you in Advance,

Glen Dawson BS, HT & QIHC (ASCP)
Lead IHC Technologist
Milwaukee, WI

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