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Your husbands comments are right inline with what I found in when I looked
around the web a bit and found that the term "normal solution" is out of
favor now. I was wondering if the ASCP tests should be modified to be up to

Chemistry chapter

Use of terms "normal solution" and "normality" are not recommended.

Chem website
"Since normal solutions are a bit confusing, these days the practice is to
quote strength of solutions in molar terms."

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Thanks to Gary for handy website.  Hrapchak and Sheehans histotechnics books
and plus other histobooks tell you how to calculate these solutions and
often have charts telling normality and molarity for common chemicals. If
this helps, use it! 

My physical chemist husband suggested that anytime I write up a protocol or
publication requiring normal solutions, that I convert these to molar
solutions. This is what he does, and it is so much simpler for everyone! Ahh
the joys of basic chemistry! 

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