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From:"Flores, Teresa"

Kathleen, yes, it is possible. You would first deparaffinize tissue : Xylene
overnight agitate to remove all wax; Absolute ethanol; 95% ethanol; 75%
ethanol; 50% ethanol; 25% ethanol then to preferred fixative, ours is
Paraformaldehyde-G. Then process for HRLM-TEM. Our lab uses spur as epoxy of
choice for diagnostic purposes as our stats are processed in 2 hrs,
polymerized in 2 hrs and are HRLM sectioned the same day. That is the
versitilaty of spur epoxy. But for research, epon or one of the other harder
epoxies is recommended. 

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Subject: [Histonet] paraffin to plastic embedding

Hello all,

One of our researchers here has found some cool lesions in rabbit kidneys. 
Now he is asking for 1 micron sections. We of course have only the FFPE 
tissue.  Is it possible to take the paraffin tissue and re-embedd it into 
plastic? What is recommended for future kidney lesions, type of plastic 
etc? Thanks!!

Kathy Cormier
Division of Comparative Medicine

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