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Since the formula is NaCl, 1 X 22.99 + 1 X 35.45 = 58.44 daltons is the
molecular weight.

58.44 grams of NaCl dissolved in enough water to make 1000 ml (i.e., 1 L)
will give you a 1 molar solution. [Avogadro's number of molecules in each

This solution will also be 1 normal in Na+ and 1 normal in Cl-. [Normality
is the molarity of a particular atom or ion.]

Since NaCl dissociates in solution, this solution will be 2 osmolar.

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OK IM CONFUSED.......can someone please explain to me how this works....i 
can't seem to calculate the correct answers

if you have time maybe you can talk me through this one problem on finding 
the molar solution and the normal solution...HERE IT GOES....

this is the question....
How much of each of the following chemicals is needed to prepare 1000 mL of 
both a 1M and a 1N solution?...

Atomic Weights: Na=22.99, Cl=35.45

1.  NaCl

Thanks a bunch
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