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From:Walzer Susan

Until someone figures out how to cut blocks with automation the majority of
our work in histology is still manual. Also we are doing more and more
biopsies which require even more time. The more things change the more they
stay the same..:)

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I am also very interested in any guidelines for evaluating productivity for
histotechs.  I have searched extensively for any standards but have come up
empty-handed.  I did find a reference to prior numbers being published based
on the College of American Pathologists Laboratory Management Index Program
(LMIP), but it is rather old and I believe, excluded automation in the

The LMIP seems like a great tool but would take some participation time
prior to coming up with any meaningful data.  Are there any standards
available to give managers a general ballpark idea, for starters.  The
number of personnel Ms. Dusek has for her lab seems maybe even less than
adequate to me, but who knows?

Thank you.

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Subject:	[Histonet] Work load

Hello everyone,
A Pathologists was told by the "bean crunchers" they were overstaffed. What
is your opinion?
The lab does approximately 22,000 cases, Immunos on the Benchmark and a few
Special Stains. The gross room is covered 95% of the time by Support Techs.
This work load is performed by 2 FTE's and 1 Bench Supervisor. As we know
the supervisor cannot bench all the time.
Eileen Dusek

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