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I am also very interested in any guidelines for evaluating productivity for
histotechs.  I have searched extensively for any standards but have come up
empty-handed.  I did find a reference to prior numbers being published based
on the College of American Pathologists Laboratory Management Index Program
(LMIP), but it is rather old and I believe, excluded automation in the

The LMIP seems like a great tool but would take some participation time
prior to coming up with any meaningful data.  Are there any standards
available to give managers a general ballpark idea, for starters.  The
number of personnel Ms. Dusek has for her lab seems maybe even less than
adequate to me, but who knows?

Thank you.

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Hello everyone,
A Pathologists was told by the "bean crunchers" they were overstaffed. What
is your opinion?
The lab does approximately 22,000 cases, Immunos on the Benchmark and a few
Special Stains. The gross room is covered 95% of the time by Support Techs.
This work load is performed by 2 FTE's and 1 Bench Supervisor. As we know
the supervisor cannot bench all the time.
Eileen Dusek

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