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From:"Gehan, Loralee"

I have this wonderful hacker machine as well and I had this problem several
weeks ago.   I called the company and it was suggested to me that the
cassettes may have cooled a bit before they were put into paraffin, like at
the vacuum step.  This made sense to me because, after the vacuum step I
didn't put the cassettes directly into paraffin, the phone rang and I went
to answer it.   So maybe the cassettes did cool for a minute or two before
they were put into paraffin.  I had paraffin along the lid and in the
tubing.  What a mess.  I pulled everything apart and ran hot hot water over
it to clean it the best I could.   I haven't had a problem since then.  Hope
this helps a little.

Loralee Gehan
Orthopaedics Research Lab
University of Rochester

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> Hello, Steve:
> No matter what, you are still the microwave specialist and I need your
> input, 
> if you would be so gracious as to reply.
> Our Milestone Renaissance is being used daily for a run of placenta
> blocks. 
> (I know bloody specimens are not highly recommended for microwave.) Do you
> have 
> any idea why paraffin is being sucked into the vacuum tube?  This is 
> happening at various times....not necessarily when it has a full load. Our
> first run 
> of biopsies is fine.  The placentas are on the second run.  The paraffin
> is up 
> to temp @ 80 C.  We were wondering if the problem is simply because they
> ARE 
> bloody tissue and we just need to change the paraffin if we wish to use
> the 
> microwave for this application.  What do you think?  I sure would
> appreciate your 
> expert knowledge on this.
> NOTE:  Anyone else who has any ideas (Tim Morken, during your CDC days?)
> .... 
>  you are most welcome to jump in. 
> Steve, I hope you had a good holiday.  Happy 2004!!!!
> Same to all you people around the world who read and learn from HistoNet. 
> Thanks,
> Dannie Blake, HT (ASCP)
> Sierra Pathology, Fresno Community Hospital
> Fresno, California
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